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In summation, it might be said that:

  1. The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinary average  

    man. These signs thus condition four of the centers:

  1. The Base of the Spine
  2. The Sacral center
  3. The Solar Plexus center
  4. The Spleen

  1. The inner group of solar systems, working in conjunction with the zodiacal signs, affect primarily those who live above the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition:
  1. The Heart center
  2. The Throat center
  3. The Ajna center
  4. The Head center

  1. Three of the energies work through the Head center but only after the third Initiation.

There are one or two other points which might be noted here also. I note them for your enlightenment. Out of all the many energies which impinge upon, pass through and produce effects upon our planet, esoteric astrology emphasises the following four types of force because they affect what might be called the personality of our Earth:

  1. The quality of our solar system. God is a consuming fire but God is also love. This is the teaching of both esoteric and exoteric truth.
  2. The quality of the Logos of our planet as it pours through the chains, the rounds, the races, and the kingdoms of nature.
  3. The quality of the Earth's complementary planet, which is the Earth's polar opposite, esoterically considered. This planet is Venus.
  4. The quality of the attraction of the three planets which produce an esoteric triangle of force.


Proposition One: Every Ray life is an expression of a solar life and every planet is therefore:

  1. Linked with every other planetary life.
  2. Animated by energy pouring into it from the seven solar systems, of which ours is one.
  3. Actuated by three streams of force:
  1. Coming from solar systems other than our own.
  2. Our own solar system.
  3. Our own planetary life.

Proposition Two: Each one of the Ray lives is the recipient and the custodian of energies coming from:

  1. The seven solar systems.
  2. The twelve constellations.

Proposition Three: It is the quality of a Ray life—manifesting in time and space—which determines the phenomenal appearance.

Before we penetrate further into the consideration of our theme, I would like to emphasise two points:

First of all, that we are considering esoteric influences and not astrology, per se. Our subject is the seven Rays and their relationship to the zodiacal constellations or—in other words—the interaction of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with the twelve constellations which compose our zodiac.

Secondly, that we have necessarily to study these energies and their interplay from the angle of their effect upon the planet, and incidentally, their effect upon the forms in the various kingdoms of nature and particularly in connection with the fourth kingdom, the human, and with individual man—average man, the disciple and the initiate.


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