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I have pointed out that these energies fall into three groups:

  1. Those coming from certain great constellations which are to be found active in relation to our solar system and which, from the most ancient days, have always been related in myth and legend to our system. To these constellations, ours is related in a peculiar way.

  1. Those coming from the twelve zodiacal constellations. These are recognised as having a definite effect upon our system and our planetary life.

  1. Those coming from the planets found within the periphery of the Sun's sphere of influence.

From a certain point of view, one can generalise largely and say that these are the correspondences in the solar system to the three great centers of force which produce and control manifestation and evolutionary progress in the human being:

  1. The great exterior, yet controlling, constellations are analogous to that center of force which we call the Monad and to its universal will-to-power which is distinctive of the first divine aspect.

  1. The twelve constellations might be regarded as embodying the Soul aspect and, for the present, their effect upon the individual must be regarded and should be studied in terms of consciousness and of the development of the life of the Soul. This is in essence the will-to-love.

  1. The planets, twelve in number (seven sacred planets and five non-sacred), are effective (using the word in a technical sense) in relation to the external life, environment and circumstances of the individual. Their force contacts should be interpreted largely in terms of the human personality, the third divine aspect. They thus exemplify the will-to-know.

I would have you remember that I am talking entirely in terms of consciousness and of the responses and reactions of the individual to the forces which impinge upon him. The effect of the emanation of our planet, the Earth, is a correspondence to the effect of that aggregate of atoms and molecules which we call the dense physical body and of its response to the pull and the attraction of any or all of the subtler bodies.

  1. Disciples upon the Path of Discipleship are strongly influenced by Mercury and Saturn—one bringing illumination and the other offering opportunity.

  1. At the various initiations, the influence of the planets affects the candidate in a totally different manner than earlier. Cyclically the energies from the constellations pour through the planetary centers:

  1. At the first initiation, the disciple has to contend with the crystallising and destroying forces of Vulcan and Pluto. The influence of Vulcan reaches to the very depths of his nature, whilst Pluto drags to the surface and destroys all that hinders in these lower regions

  1. At the second initiation, the candidate comes under the influence of three planets—Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. The three centers—Solar Plexus, heart and throat—are actively involved

  1. At the third initiation, the Moon (veiling a hidden planet) and Mars bring about a fearful conflict, but at the end the man is released from personality control

  1. At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn again bring about great changes and unique revelation, but their effect is very different to the earlier experience

  1. At the fifth and final initiation, Uranus and Jupiter appear and produce a "beneficent organisation" of the totality of energies found in the initiate's equipment. When this reorganisation is complete, the initiate can then "escape from off the wheel and then can truly live."

All this time the energy of the sun (veiling a sacred planet, hitherto unknown) is steadily and persistently reaching the man via the Solar Angel.


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