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Lying behind all the many interlocking triangles in our solar system and conditioning them to a very large extent (though today more potentially than expressively) are three energies coming from three major constellations. They are the emanations from the Great Bear, from the Pleiades and from Sirius. It might be pointed out that:

  1. The energies coming from the Great Bear are related to the will or purpose of the Solar Logos and are to this great Being what the Monad is to man. This is a deep mystery and one which even the highest initiate cannot yet grasp. Its sevenfold unified energies pass through Shamballa.

  1. The energies coming from the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect or to the attractive power of the Solar Logos, to the Soul of that Great Being. This cosmic Soul energy is related to the Hierarchy. You have been told that the great White Lodge on Sirius finds its reflection and a mode of Spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy.

  1. The energies coming from the Pleiades, an aggregation of seven energies, are connected with the active intelligent aspect of logoic expression, and influence the form side of all manifestation. They focus primarily through Humanity.

Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is a triple inter-relation of great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of these major constellations, one of the zodiacal signs and one of the sacred planets within our solar system.

First Triangle:

The Pleiades - Cancer - Venus


Second Triangle:

The Great Bear - Aries - Pluto


Third Triangle:

Sirius - Leo - Jupiter


1. All triangles studied will be regarded as expressing:

  1.  A major conditioning energy, producing manifestation. This corresponds to the Monad aspect.

  1.  A secondary qualifying energy producing consciousness. This corresponds to the Ego or Soul aspect.

  1.  A lesser expression of force, producing tangibility. This corresponds to the Personality aspect.

2. These three energies will be related, therefore, to the three aspects of manifested life. These have been

        termed throughout this treatise: Life, Quality and Appearance.

3. These energies change within themselves and sometimes one will strike the dominating note and sometimes another; sometimes a secondary energy will become a major conditioning force and sometimes the lesser expression will come to the top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic events are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interior mathematical conditioning—a subject of such vast dimensions and mystery that no Life within our solar system has more than sensed its significance. The cyclic expression of life is dependent upon constant mutation and infinitely changing processes.

The statements made by me in this attempt—for it is little more—to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esoteric astrology, may not yet be capable of any proof. Later on such proof will be available.


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