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The dual life which all disciples lead produces also a rapidity of mental interpretation which is essential to the sane registration of the phenomenal life of the various higher planes and states of consciousness. Forget not that all our planes are subplanes of the cosmic Physical plane, and are therefore phenomenal in nature. As they are contacted and recorded and the knowledge is transmitted to the physical brain, via the mind, there must always accompany them a true interpretation and a correct recognition of "things as they are." It is here that the non-disciple and the psychic go wrong, for their interpretation is almost always fundamentally in error, and it takes time (coming within that cycle of limitation) intelligently to interpret and truly register what the perceiving consciousness has contacted. When the time factor no longer controls, the interpretations registered by the brain are infallibly correct. I have here given you a major piece of information.

The Dual Existence of the Master

I would have you note here the difference between the two headings. I refer in one place to the dual life of the disciple but in another to the dual existence of the Master. That distinction is deliberate and intentional. The disciple lives in the three worlds and, until the third initiation, he demonstrates his livingness strictly in relation to the Soul and the personality, and therefore strictly to the phenomenal world and to the various levels of the dense cosmic Physical plane.

The Master functions on the plane of BEING and demonstrates the fact that He eternally IS, that He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of the cosmic Etheric planes; this is a very different matter to the life of the disciple and to which little attention has been paid. Existence, Being, Essential Life, Dynamic Energy, electric Fire are all of them distinctive of the higher initiations; they produce basic distinctions between their constitution and mode of life expression and that of those who live, who are in process of becoming, who express quality, and who fuse and blend Solar Fire and Fire by Friction. Being and Existence are not the same as Becoming or of Qualified Appearance. It is largely a question of emphases. A Master has synthesised within Himself all for which the advancing disciple longs to express, all that is possible as Expansion, plus an emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being. Here again I find it hard to express that for which no words are to be found.


As we enter on the consideration of "The dual life of the initiatory process" I would call your attention to the wording used, and particularly to its significance in reference to the initiatory process. This deals, as we shall see, not with the effort of the disciple to live simultaneously the life of the Spiritual world and the practical life of Physical plane service, but entirely with the preparation of the disciple for initiation, and therefore with his mental life and attitudes.

This statement might be regarded as concerning itself primarily with two major aspects of his mental life and not with the life of relation between Soul and personality. It is proper, consequently, to see a duality existing in the consciousness of the disciple, and both of its aspects existing side by side:

  1. The life of awareness in which he expresses the Soul attitude, Soul awareness and Soul consciousness, through the medium of the Personality upon the Physical plane; this he learns to register and express consciously.

  1. The intensely private and purely subjective life in which he—the Soul-infused personality—oriented upon the Mental plane, brings into increasing rapport:

  1. His lower concrete mind and the higher abstract mind.

  1. Himself and the Master of his Ray group, thus developing the ashramic consciousness.

  1. Himself and the Hierarchy as a whole, becoming increasingly aware of the Spiritual synthesis underlying the united Ashrams. He thus consciously and steadily approaches the radiant Center of this solar Ashram, the Christ Himself, the first Initiator.

This inner life with its three slowly revealed objectives concerns essentially the life of preparation for initiation.


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