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Three Manifestations of Mind

This section marks a very important division of the subject of Fire; the fires of matter have been discussed and the study is now to be focused upon the factor of consciousness, the Fire of Mind, considered cosmically, systemically and with regard to man.  Each of the three divisions may be dealt with as a quaternary:

  1. The origin of cosmic, systemic and microcosmic mind.
  2. The place of mind in evolution in all three cases.
  3. The present stage of development of mind in each of the three groups.
  4. The future of mind, or of manasic unfoldment.

Definitions of Manas, or Mind

1.  Manas is the fifth principle, which embodies the basic vibration of the fifth plane, either cosmically or systemically considered.  Manas has been defined as that faculty of logical deduction and reasoning, of rational activity, yet it is much more, for it underlies all manifestation, from the discriminative faculty of the lowest atom and upwards.  

2.  Manas is Electricity shown in its higher workings, and not considered so much as force in matter.  Electricity in the solar system shows itself in seven major forms, expressed as:

a) Electricity on the first plane, the logoic or divine, and demonstrates as the will-to-be.  

b) Electricity on the Monadic plane demonstrates as the first manifestation of form, as that which causes forms to cohere.  

Fire by Friction:  Causes the spheroidal forms of all manifestation, the innate heat of all spheres, and differentiation of all atoms from one another.

Solar Fire: Electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms and resulting in: coherent groups, the radiation (magnetic interaction) from all groups, the synthesis of form.

Electric Fire:  Electricity demonstrating as vitality, or the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as; Abstract Being, Darkness and Unity.

Electricity as vibratory impulse, causes the aggregations of matter and the awakening of activity within the ring-pass-not.  This is the first syllable of the Sacred Word.  Electricity as Light, causes spheroidal objectivity.  This is the birth of the Son and covers the enunciation of the second syllable of the Sacred Word.  Electricity as Sound completes the Word.

On the fourth plane, this electrical force shows itself as color.  All physical phenomena has an electrical origin, and an initial vibration on the first subplane of the Physical plane.  Physical plane Light has a close connection with, and uses as a medium, the second Ether.  Sound functions through the third Ether.  Color is allied to the fourth Ether in a peculiar sense.

The work of evolution is based on two methods and demonstrates as:

  1. Involution:  Wherein the negative (feminine/receptive) electrons of matter preponderate.  

  1. Evolution:  Due to the action of Manas, the negative atoms are stimulated and either dissipate or merge into their opposite pole, which results in synthesis and homogeneity.

The majority of men function consciously on the fifth subplane of the three planes in the three worlds.  It must ever be borne in mind that each plane and subplane which is numerically allied, is embodying the same type of force and is consequently of the same polarity.  The Astral and Buddhic planes are related, the Astral being negative in relation to the Buddhic.  When the polarity and interplay of the planes and subplanes is comprehended, then man will be free, but not before.  A Master has solved the problem of electrical phenomena in the three worlds and has thus earned his freedom.  When the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and the joint connection with the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system is apprehended, group liberation will result.


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