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Periods of search, periods of pain, periods of detachment, periods of revelation producing points of fusion, points of tension and points of energy projection—such is the story of the Path of Initiation. Initiation is in truth the name given to the revelation or new vision which ever draws the disciple onward into greater light; it is not something conferred upon him or given to him. It is a process of light recognition and of light utilisation in order to enter into ever clearer light. Progress from a dimly lighted area in the divine manifestation into one of supernal glory is the story of the Path of Evolution.


It will be obvious to you that, as energy is the basis of our entire manifested world, an initiation is a condition of consciousness wherein the fully prepared disciple utilises the available energies (at the time of initiation) to bring about changes within consciousness of a momentous and revelatory nature. Each initiation puts the initiate in a position to control certain related energies and enables him to become increasingly a trained manipulator of those energies; each initiation gives him understanding of the related energy and of its field of activity; each initiation reveals to him the quality and the type of stimulation to be evoked when brought into contact with any particular Ray energy; each initiation establishes relationship between the initiate and the Ray energy involved, so that gradually (no matter what may be his Soul Ray or his Personality Ray) he can work with the quality and the creative aspect of all the Rays, though ever retaining a greater facility to work on his own Soul Ray, and later with the Ray of the Monad—one of the three major Rays of Aspect.

I would ask you to remember that all human beings must finally express the quality and livingness of one of the three Rays of Aspect, even if—in time and space—their Souls may originally be upon one of the four Rays of Attribute.

In the case of the accepted disciple who is in preparation for initiation, the term applied to this system of integrated energies is "Soul-infused personality." The fusion is necessarily not complete, but enough Soul energy is present to guarantee that minimum of Soul control which will make the initiatory process effective.

It might also be said that this system of integrated energies is (through the initiatory process) confronted with still higher fusions, because initiation is a process whereby successive integrations— attended by consequent expansions of consciousness—become possible. These are—in their broader significance, seven, though entailing many minor points of integration—as follows:

  1. Fusion of the energies of the Soul-infused Personality with the triple energies of the Spiritual Triad.

  1. Fusion with the Monad—of which the Spiritual Triad is an expression.

  1. Fusion with the world consciousness of the planetary Logos to a degree which makes the planetary life, with all its states of consciousness and phenomena, a confining and constricting form for the initiate.

In connection with this final fusion, it is worth while to point out that, when this stage of development is attained, it then becomes possible to enter into the "exalted state of mind" which holds the planetary Logos focussed in the consciousness of the sacrifice which He has made by means of the entire process of manifestation. As The Secret Doctrine has pointed out, this sacrifice which He has made on behalf of the untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holds Him in physical expression until "the last weary pilgrim" has found his way home.

The Rays and the five Initiations confronting Humanity

Let us now consider our theme of the Rays and initiation. This signifies in reality a study of the Rays as they actively condition the Path of Initiation. Forget not, we are dealing here with the Path of Initiation and not primarily with the Path of Discipleship, even though the two paths are very closely related; we are not dealing with the disciple's character and actions. We are considering one thing only:  the type of Ray energy which makes any specific initiation possible, irrespective of the Rays of the initiate.

We are in fact considering initiation as a planetary process, and not that process as it affects the individual initiate. That we shall consider under our point "The Significance of the Initiations."


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