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These five initiations are under the energy impulses of Rays 7, 6, 5, 4, plus the dynamic influence of Ray 1 at the time of the fifth initiation. You will note, therefore, that these initiations which confront average humanity are all of them conditioned by a minor Ray, yet finally bring in the energy of the highest Ray of Aspect, that of Will or Power. This dynamic electric energy has to act in a new and different sense if the four higher initiations are to become living objectives in the initiate's consciousness. It is for this reason that the fifth initiation is called the Initiation of Revelation. Some understanding of the first or will aspect is "conceded" at this initiation, and for the first time the nature of divine Purpose is revealed to the initiate; hitherto he has been preoccupied with the nature of the Plan, which is after all an effect of the Purpose.

In these five preliminary initiations the true nature of the minor Rays, in their creative aspect and as expressions of the quality of the manifested world, begins progressively to dawn upon the initiate. In the higher four initiations he slowly arrives at a dim understanding of the purpose of creation; the true purpose, however, and the nature of the will of the planetary Logos will only be revealed in the next solar system wherein the Soul-infused Personality of the planetary Logos will demonstrate living purpose within the ring-pass-not of the three lower cosmic planes.

With these abstruse ideas we need not concern ourselves. Let us study the energy conditions wherein the initiate proceeds from one initiation to another until he stands at the portal of revelation.

Initiation I -  The Birth at Bethlehem

Ray VII - The Energy of Order or Ceremonial Magic

First of all, let us consider the type of energy which the seventh Ray expresses and wherein lies its potency and efficacy, from the angle of the initiation. As we study these initiations and their conditioning Rays, we will divide our ideas into three parts:

  1. The type of energy and its quality in relation to the processes of the particular initiation with which it is associated.

  1. Its effect upon humanity, regarding humanity as a world disciple.

  1. The stimulating nature of the energy as it expresses itself:

  1. In the three aspects of the initiate's nature—mental, Astral and physical.

  1. Through the Soul-infused personality, the initiate "in good standing" a phrase of the deepest occult implication.

To sum up what I have said:

  1. The energy of the seventh Ray is the potent agent of initiation when taken on the Physical plane, that is, during the process of the first initiation.

  1. Its effect upon humanity will be:

  1. To bring about the birth of the Christ-consciousness among the masses of intelligently aspiring human beings.

  1. To set in motion certain relatively new evolutionary processes which will transform humanity (the world disciple) into humanity (the world initiate).

  1. To establish in a new and intelligible manner the ever-existent sense of relationship and thus bring about upon the Physical plane right human relations. The agent of this is goodwill, a reflection of the will-to-good of the first divine aspect. Of this first Ray of Will or Purpose, goodwill is the reflection.

  1. To readjust negative and positive relationships, and—today—this will be carried forward primarily in connection with the sex relation and marriage.

  1. To intensify human creativity and thus bring in the new art as a basis for the new culture and as a conditioning factor in the new civilisation.

  1. To reorganise world affairs and so initiate a new world. This is definitely in the realm of ceremonial magic.

  1. The stimulation of this seventh Ray will, in relation to the individual initiate:

  1. Bring into being upon the Mental plane a widespread and recognised relation between the Soul

              and the mind.

  1. Produce a measure of order in the emotional processes of the initiate, thus aiding the preparatory work of the second initiation.

  1. Enable the initiate—upon the Physical plane—to establish certain service relationships, to learn the practice of elementary white magic, and to demonstrate the first stage of a truly creative life.


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