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Initiation I – Birth

Freedom from the control of the physical body and its appetites.

Initiation II – Baptism

Freedom from the control of the emotional nature and the selfish sensitivity of the lower self.

Initiation III – Transfiguration

Freedom from the ancient authority of the threefold personality, marking a climaxing moment in the history of all initiates.

Initiation IV – Renunciation

Freedom from all self-interest, and the renouncing of the personal life in the interest of a larger whole. Even Soul-consciousness ceases to be of importance and a more universal awareness, and one closer to the divine Mind, takes its place.

Initiation V – Revelation

Freedom from blindness—a liberation which enables the initiate to see a new vision. This vision concerns the Reality lying beyond any hitherto sensed or known.

Initiation VI – Decision

Freedom of choice. I have dealt with these choices in an earlier part of this book.

Initiation VII – Resurrection

Freedom from the hold of the phenomenal life of the seven planes of our planetary Life. It is in reality a "lifting out of or above" the cosmic Physical plane.

Initiation VIII – Transition

Freedom from the reaction of consciousness (as that word is understood by you) and a liberation into a state of awareness, a form of conscious recognition which has no relation to consciousness, as you understand that term. It might be regarded as complete freedom from sensitivity, yet with a full flowering of that quality to which we give the inadequate name "compassion." More I cannot say.

Initiation IX – Refusal

Freedom from all possible forms of enticement, particularly with reference to the higher planes. It must constantly be remembered (and hence my constant reiteration) that our seven planes are the seven subplanes of the cosmic Physical plane.


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