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1.  Characteristics of Manas might be summed up as:  

a) Discrimination   b) Ordered activity   c) Adaptability

a) Discrimination:  The quality of manas by which man is enabled to intelligently distinguish between the Self and the not-Self, exists upon all planes and is threefold in manifestation:

  1. Discrimination between the I-consciousness and that which is cognized as the external world.
  2. Discrimination between the Ego and the Personality, between his subjective self or Soul, and the bodies which hold that Soul enshrined.  
  3. Discrimination between Soul and Spirit.

Only the voluntary merging of interest and of aim is of value, and this only is demonstrated by the man as he nears the final part of the path of evolution.  It is incident upon an earlier stage of intense self-assertion and intense self-realization.  This stage is with us now and is the basis of the preservation of identity.  It distinguishes the Logos and all forms within His body, the planetary Logoi and all forms within Their bodies, as well as Man and all forms within his body.

“I am” refers to the personality consciousness on the three lower planes.  It concerns a man’s realization of his place upon the globe within a chain.

“I am That” refers to his Egoic consciousness and to the planes of the Triad.  It concerns a man’s realization of his place within the chain and his relationship to the group.

“I am That I am” refers to a man’s Monadic consciousness and his relationship to the planes of abstraction.  It concerns his realization of his position in the scheme.  When the Initiate can say, “I am That I am” then he has merged himself with his divine essence and is free from form.

b) Ordered Activity

This is the concept of intelligent purpose, pursuing a fixed and settled plan and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space.  The fifth (Mental) plane, may be considered as holding a position in a Heavenly Man that is symbolically analogous to that held by the Causal bodies of the units on His Ray, as a result, some Causal bodies are on the third and some on the second subplanes; the intricacy is excessive, producing geometrical forms.  All is ordered activity of the units, each pursuing his own self-centered purpose, until the groups recognize the oneness of self-interest and therefore work actively and intelligently with the corporate body.  

After the fifth round and the passing into temporary obscuration of two fifths of the human family, the remaining units will achieve an approximate standing as follows:

  1. 1/5 will achieve the sixth and seventh Initiations and mantrically sound the words “I am That I am.”
  2. 2/5 will achieve the fifth Initiation and know themselves as “I am That” while they cultivate a response to an even higher note.
  3. 1/5 will attain the third Initiation and will know themselves as “I am That” in full consciousness.
  4. The remaining units will be those who are treading the Path and beginning to know themselves as the group.

c) Adaptability

The primary attribute of the third Ray, or the Brahma aspect.  It works under the Laws of Economy and Attraction.  This is the work of the Mahachohan and the four Lords of the Ray of Attribute.

2.  Development of the Human Mind

Before the four types of force, or these four planetary influences are studied, students should keep the following in mind:

a) Each of them has swung into power during earlier world cycles.

b) One of them is the major influence or vibration of the planet and is ever-present.

c) Certain of them are passing out of power, others are coming in.


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