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The profundity of interest lies in the fact that in the one case we are dealing with evolution immediately behind the human and from which man is not as yet wholly emancipated; and in the other we are concerning ourselves with a paralleling evolution, one that is of vast importance in the scheme of things.

1.  The animal kingdom holds the same relation to the human as the dense physical body does to the seven principles, and still finds its link with man through correspondences between their bodies of objectivity.

2.  The animal kingdom is the third of the kingdoms and is the mother aspect prior to the overshadowing by the Holy Spirit, the manas aspect.  Note the resemblance and trace the analogy between the cosmic mother, the systemic mother and the same mother aspect as seen in the animal kingdom as a basis for the evolution of man.  Each kingdom acts as the mother to the succeeding one in the evolutionary process.  Any group will receive their objective forms (on some plane) from an earlier group.  From the 3rd springs the 4th, and from this fourth will emerge the fifth, each receiving germ protection, form, gradual development and nourishment.

3.  During the third rootrace, animal individualization took place and the self-conscious unit, Man, came into being.  It is of particular interest at this time that we are in the 4th round in a chain as well as in the fourth round as regards the scheme of seven chains.  It has led to evolutionary possibilities of great import.  On the moon chain, individualization took place during the fifth race of the third round, and in the next chain to ours on the evolutionary arc, individualization will take place during the sixth race of the second round.

4.  In the fourth rootrace the ‘door’ between the kingdoms closed and no more of the animal kingdom passed into the human.  Expressed in terms of fire or electrical phenomenon, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom turned positive to one another, resulting in repulsion.  This repulsion is one reason for the destructive war and the long cycle of cruelty waged between man and the animals.  The mystery is hidden in the karma of that Being, Who for a period during the moon chain, held office as the Entity Who is the informing evolutionary Life of the animal kingdom.  

In Atlantean days, the lives which composed the third kingdom of nature were divided into two groups:

  1. A number of these lives were ‘passed’ and they were swept into incarnating in animal form to continue their evolution.

  1. The remainder were rejected, and their group will not manifest in physical form until the next round.  In the fifth round a corresponding division will take place in the fourth kingdom, and the lives in that kingdom will be subjected to an analogous test; some will be passed and they will continue their evolution on this planet, while others will go into temporary pralaya.

After the rejection in the fourth rootrace of ¾ of the animal units, the remaining triads (or 1/4) proceeded on their way, holding the promise of opportunity for all in time, and the guarantee of their attainment in the next round.  Just as the human Monads who are passed in the fifth round, will enter into the fifth kingdom before the climax of the seventh, so the animal Monads who were passed in this round will achieve individualization during the fifth and enter the fourth kingdom.

By turning his thought-force upon the animals, man stimulates their latent mentality, which leads in due course to the crisis in the next round.  Attention should be paid to the effect of the consciousness of one group upon another group, and the advancement of the lesser by the means of the stimulating power of the greater.  No man, for instance, can make definite and specialized progress without his brother benefiting, in the form of the increase of the total consciousness of the group, the stimulation of units in the group, the group magnetism producing increased healing or blending effects upon allied groups.


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