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Introductory Postulates

We purpose in these few introductory remarks to lay down the foundation for a "Treatise on Cosmic Fire," and to consider the subject of fire both macrocosmically and microcosmically, thus dealing with it from the standpoint of the solar system, and of a human being. 

First Postulate 

There is one boundless immutable Principle, one Absolute Reality behind all Beingness.  The universe exists within this one Reality and 3 aspects are conceived:

  1. First Cosmic Logos: Impersonal and unmanifested.
  2. Second Cosmic Logos: Spirit-Matter, Life.
  3. Third Cosmic Logos: Cosmic Ideation, World Soul.

Each of these is also triple, creating the nine Sephiroth, or the nine Emanations.  These, with the totality of manifestation or the Whole, produce the ten of perfect manifestation, or the perfect MAN.  These three aspects of the Whole are present in every form.

Second Postulate 

The following Cosmic Laws govern all aspects of Life:

  1. The Law of Periodicity: Rhythmic incarnations.
  2. The Law of Economy: Governing matter.
  3. The Law of Attraction: Governing consciousness.
  4. The Law of Synthesis: Governing the will aspect.

The Laws of the Solar System are:

  1. Vibration  
  2. Cohesion  
  3. Disintegration  
  4. Magnetic Control  
  5. Fixation  
  6. Love  
  7. Sacrifice/Death

Third Postulate 

All Souls are an identity or aspect of the OverSoul.  (Identified with the OverSoul)

  1. Brotherhood is a fact in nature, not an ideal.
  2. The logos of our solar system is the macrocosm, man is the microcosm.
  3. Man is the macrocosm to the animal kingdom.
  4. The atom's goal is self-consciousness as exemplified in man.
  5. Man's goal is group consciousness as exemplified by a planetary logos.  
  6. The goal of a planetary logos is God consciousness as exemplified by a Solar Logos.


The essential nature of Fire is three-fold but is five-fold in manifestation.

  1. Ray 1:  Electric/Spiritual Fire of Will, the Father.  
  2. Ray 2:  Solar/Mental Fire, the Son.  Demonstrating as the Fires of Mind and Elementals of Fire.
  3. Ray 3:  Fire by Friction/Kinetic Fire, the Mother.  Demonstrating as:
  1. Active heat
  2. Latent heat


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