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We start now upon the consideration of the Agnishvattas, the Fire Devas of the Mental plane, and are thus launched upon the most stupendous subject in connection with our planetary evolution; it is the one having the most occult significance for man, as these Solar Angels concern his own essential nature and are also the creative power by which he works.  Man must scientifically comprehend the laws of his own nature and the constitution of his mode of expression as well as the inter-relation of the three fires in order that he may himself, at some future date, blaze forth.

The work of the Agnishvattas (the self-conscious builders of the Egoic body on the higher mental levels) is to unite the higher three principles (Atma-Buddhi-manas) and the lower three, and thus become the middle principle in man.  They, themselves, originate from the Logoic middle principle and thus the esoteric seven is completed.  (The physical body in its denser manifestation is not esoterically considered a principle. )

For clarity, the subject to be considered is:

  1. That fifth state of consciousness called the Mental plane.

  1. The substance of that plane as it exists in its dual aspects; rupa (in form) and arupa (unmanifested).

  1. The lives who enSoul that matter, especially in relation to man.  

  1. The Egos, or the self-conscious units who form the middle point in manifestation.

  1. The building of the Causal body, the opening of the Egoic lotus, and the construction of those groups we call Egoic groups.

  1. The individuality of those Existences whom we call: Asnishvattas, Manasa Devas, Fire Dhyanis, Solar Angels (or Solar Pitris) and the Asuras.

The Fifth Principle

The solar Angels are the Pitris, the builders of the body of the Ego and the producers of individualization of the realized consciousness, the Agnishvattas, the great Devas of Mind.  The section now approached concerns the development of the divine Manasaputras, viewing them as a collective whole, containing the Divine Mind, and considering the individual Monad, who responds to Their life as a part of the body of these Dhyani Buddhas.  

a) Cosmically Considered

At the very beginning of this study of the fifth principle, it should be pointed out that the divine Manasaputras, on their own plane, must be considered from the standpoint of physical incarnation, whereas man can be considered from what is, for him, a Spiritual aspect.

Human individualization, or the emergence of the self-conscious units on the Mental plane, is involved in a larger development, for it synchronizes with the appropriation of a dense physical body by the planetary Logos; this body is composed of matter of our three lower planes.  As the Etheric centers of the Manasaputras on the fourth cosmic Etheric plane become vitalized, they produce increased activity on the systemic Mental plane (the cosmic gaseous) and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man and His life energy begins to make itself felt.  Simultaneously, under the Law, mind force or manasic energy pours in from the fifth cosmic plane, the cosmic mental.  

This dual energy, contacting that which his inherent in the dense physical body of the Logos itself, produces correspondences to the centers upon that plane and the Egoic groups appear, composed of those atoms, or types of lives, which are a part of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely human Monads.  Similarly, this triple force, produced by the conscious appropriation by the Heavenly Man, animates Deva substance and the dense physical body of the planetary Logos is manifested objectively.  

Students should ever bear in mind that all occult subjects can be expressed in a twofold manner:

  1. In terms of the three worlds, or from the standpoint of the logoic dense physical body.

  1. In terms of force, or energy, from the standpoint of the Logoic body of prana, or vitality, from the four cosmic Ethers.


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