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The causes which combine to produce incarnation, are seen to be three:

  1. Egoic impulse.  
  2. The activity of the solar and lunar Angels.  
  3. Karma, or the place which antecedent action plays in producing manifestation.  

When the initiatory impulse has been given, the vibration thrills through the petals, and activity starts in those of them which respond to the note of that Word.  The solar Angels direct the vibration, and the mantram for that particular type of Ego is begun.  Finally the vibration reaches the mental unit at the base of the lotus bud, and the lunar Pitris are called into activity.  They begin to work out their formulas for the particular type of vehicle which is required.


The joint activity of the solar and the lunar Pitris in the process pursued by the reincarnating Ego is our next subject of consideration.  The Ego, driven by desire for physical experience, has made the initial move and a vibration, emanating from the center of the lotus bud, has reached the lotus petals, and has consequently vibrated in Deva substance, or in matter vitalized by the Agnishvattas.  As they are galvanized into activity (according to the group affected) the vibration is increased, and a dual sound is emitted.  This dual sound is the basis of the mantram upon which the Ego's cycle of incarnation is founded.  

The vibration, pulsating through the outer circle of petals (for the two inner circles and the three central petals are not as yet responsive) arrives at the triangle formed by the three permanent atoms, and vivifies the three lower spirillae, causing a slight response in the fourth, and leaving the higher three yet dormant.  In each round one of the spirillae has been 'created,' and in this fourth round (through the creation of the fourth spirilla) the fourth or human kingdom can come into being.  The word 'creation' must be occultly understood, and means the appearance in active manifestation of some form of energy.

These lunar Pitris embody the substance of man's lower bodies, just as the solar Pitris sacrifice themselves to give him his Egoic body, and his consciousness.  They are substance in its dual aspect, and the Lunar Pitris in their higher grades are the positive energy of atomic substance, and in their lower are the negative aspect of the same substance.  They might be considered, in connection with man, as triple in their ranks:

  1. The highest group of all receives the energy from the higher levels, and enSouls the spirillae of the three permanent atoms.  
  2. The second group, being the positive energy that attracts, builds and forms the body of man on the three planes.  
  3. The lowest group are the negative aspect of energized substance and the matter of the three sheaths.  

We can now trace the progress of Egoic energy as it passes down from the abstract levels to the permanent atoms.  On each plane the work is threefold, and might be tabulated as follows:

1.  The response within the permanent atom to the vibration set up by the solar Pitris; to word it otherwise: the response of the highest group of lunar Pitris to the chord of the Ego.  This definitely affects the spirillae of the atom, according to the stage of evolution of the Ego concerned.  

2.  The response of the substance to the atomic vibration upon the particular plane involved.  This concerns the second group of Pitris, whose function it is to gather together the substance attuned to any particular key, and to aggregate it around the permanent atom.  They work under the Law of Magnetic Attraction, and are the attractive energy of the permanent atom.  On a tiny scale each permanent atom has (to the substance of a man's sheaths) a position relative to that which the physical sun holds to the substance of the system.  It is the nucleus of attractive force.  

3.  The response of the negative substance concerned and its molding into the desired form through the dual energy of the two higher groups of Pitris.  Some thought of the unity of this threefold work has been given in the differentiation of the substance of any plane into: Atomic substance, molecular substance and Elemental essence.   This differentiation is not entirely accurate, and a truer idea of the underlying concept might be conveyed if the word "energy" took the place of "substance and essence."


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