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This abridgment is dedicated to the Tibetan and Alice A. Bailey,

and to all engaged with the work of uplifting the consciousness of humanity.  

The work accomplished by Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan (since revealed as the Master of Wisdom, Djwhal Khul) can hardly be given too much praise, for in the Blue Books, they succeeded in delivering a great deal of the Ageless Wisdom to the world.  Their seven core books, each masterfully presented with the clarity and order of a textbook, represent the essential current of Truth that runs through the sciences, religions and philosophies of Man, and unites them all under cosmic law.  Within their body of work are found the laws and processes that underlie the love of the Christ and the wisdom of the Buddha.  Herein are found answers to the true nature of God, the Cosmos, Spiritual and Solar Fire, the not-self and the true Self.

I demonstrate my gratitude for their service by attempting to apply the essential teachings in my life, and this overview is just such an attempt.  I am confident that the work was overseen not only by my Higher Self, but by both DK and AAB, for I felt their presences throughout the process.  The Sutratma  that they created between themselves and their body of work is strong and alive with vibrancy, and it was their discrimination that I relied upon when selecting text for inclusion.  Yet, the karma for errors and omissions between the Treatises and this humble abridgment, must necessarily rest upon my shoulders.  I freely offer this abridgment to the world in the Spirit of love and intelligent service, and I believe it will, as a thought-form rightfully conceived and constructed, succeed in its purpose.

The purpose of this abridgment is threefold:

1.  To coalesce a condensed form of the Ageless Wisdom, and this for three reasons:

a)  To assimilate the data and develop an efficient method of studying the essential teachings.

b)  To circulate, teach and learn the Ageless Wisdom with friends and family with the aid of an efficient  

                 study guide and teaching aid.

c)  To transmit the essential teachings to those Seekers who may not take the time to read the full books,

       with the goal of transmitting approximately 70% of the essential teachings at only 15% of the length.

2.  To promote awareness of the Ageless Wisdom within studious occult circles, such as Light-workers and healers in

the New Age movements, Hermetic Qabalists, Christian Mystics, Ceremonial Magicians and Astrologers.  

Some within these groups suffer heavily under dogma and misunderstood tradition, and will benefit greatly

by the study of Cosmic Law.

3.  To quantify and demystify the Ageless Wisdom for the benefit of the global population.

This has in mind the following four aspects:

a)  General psychology and self-improvement:  Through a greater perspective of one’s microcosmic

                  self, as well as Man’s position within the planetary scheme, individuals will be able to respond

to life’s challenges with greater mobility and intelligence.

b)  Unification of science, religion and philosophy:  Through an understanding of the Law of Analogy, the

scientist who studies the Ageless Wisdom stands to gain much when he considers the living atom of

matter.  The orthodox Christian may find illumination as to the nature of God, the Father and the

Son, while philosophers will discover the occult reason behind that warmth, which is felt as

individual, brotherly and group love; all will benefit through knowledge of the concrete processes

and abstract interactions that occur in, and actually create of their own essence, the seen and unseen

worlds around us.

c)  Harmlessness, through right thought and speech:  Through a proper comprehension of the power of

thought-forms, individuals will come to control the lower impulses, to seek harmlessness in all that

they do, and to eventually radiate only the true essence of their Egoic Ray.

  1. Intelligent individual and group activity:  Societal reforms based on the Ageless Wisdom will promote

enhanced unity within the human collective, and the intelligent organization and activity that will

result is the natural flow of evolution, for the Divine Plan works toward the greatest good of all.

In Unity, Love and Light,

Patrick Westfall 

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