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A Student’s Overview of the


A Textbook for the New Age


Section 1:  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - 7

Section 2:  Esoteric Psychology I - 123

Section 3:  Esoteric Psychology II - 167

Section 4.  Esoteric Healing - 237

Section 5:  Esoteric Astrology - 306

Section 6:  The Rays and the Initiations - 338

“Teaching, if true, must be in line with the past and must provide scope for endeavour in the present and must also hold out further enlightenment for those who have succeeded or are succeeding in attaining the indicated goals. There must be a Spiritual future indicated.

It is that which is required now, for many are attaining the goals proposed by the Hierarchy, and others are working towards them. The taking of initiation is now often to be seen and is far more frequent today than at any other time in the history of the race; for those who have thus succeeded, the next step forward and the new Spiritual enticement must be clearly disclosed.

Evolution is not a static thing; death cannot be the reward of living effort. To be static, to have attained all that can be attained, and to be at a complete standstill would be utter death and, my brothers, there is no death. There is only progress from glory to glory, a moving forward from point to point on the divine Way, and from revelation to revelation towards those points and revelations which are perhaps part of the Goal of God Himself.”

The Tibetan

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