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The 3rd Logos:  The motion considered in this section is that due to the fire latent in matter itself, a motion that is the prime characteristic and basic quality of the 3rd Ray.  His goal is the perfect blending of Spirit and matter.  His function is the manipulation of matter so as to make it adequate to the demands of the Spirit.  His motion is rotary, this revolution making the material more pliable.  All of these are governed by the Law of Economy.

The 2nd Logos:  Vishnu, seeking to blend with the principle of Intelligence, characterized by Love.  His motion is spiral cyclic.  Availing Himself of the rotary motion of all atoms, He adds to that His own form of motion, of spiraling periodical movement and by circulation along a spheroidal path, bringing two results:  

a) He gathers the atoms into forms  

b) By these forms, He gains the needed contact, develops consciousness on the five planes of human development, refining the

     forms as the Spirit of Love spirals closer to its source.  These actions are governed by the Law of Attraction.

The indweller of the form eventually feels the attractive pull of its own Self, the Ego, which stands to it as the Logos of its own system.  Later, this process is repeated as the Ego responds to the call of the Monad.  Therefore:  

a) the goal of the second Logos is consciousness, achieved in cooperation with the 3rd Logos.  

b) His function is the building of forms to be His instruments of experience.  

c) His mode of action is cyclic and spiral.

The 1st Logos:  The Ray of Cosmic Will, His mode of action is a literal driving forward of the solar ring-pass-not through space.  His goal is the synthesis of Spirits who are gaining consciousness through manifestation, and gaining in quality as a result.  His function is, by means of will, to hold them in manifestation for the desired period and later abstract them back to their Spiritual source.  His work is controlled by the Law of Synthesis, governing the tendency to unification of the 7 into the 3 and into the 1.  His mode of action is a progressive forward will.

The Ego:  Man on the Physical plane is what the Logos is to His system, and is likewise the animating will, destroyer of forms and producer of pralaya.  The Ego is extra-cosmic as far as the human being on the Physical plane is concerned.

The Effects of Rotary Motion

Every sphere in the macrocosm rotates which produce certain effects:

1.  Separation:  The repulsion effect is produced by rotary movement causing the differentiations of a solar

  system, the planes and the Rays.  The planes rotate latitudinally (east to west) while the

  Rays rotate longitudinally.  

2.  Momentum:  Resulting in an internal effect, which prevents atoms from directly contacting other atoms

    by keeping them at fixed points in space.  

3.  Friction:  The environmental frictional effect produces:  

a) Vitality of the atom  

b) Coherence of the atom  

c) Ability to function  

d) Heat is supplied to the unit  

e) Final combustion or disintegration of form (not matter).

4.  Absorption:  The receptive or attractive effect occurs through the depression at the top of all whirling spheres.  Every atom is both

positive and negative; receptive where inflowing force is concerned and radiatory where its own emanations are



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