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Cosmic and Systemic Ethers:  The fourth Etheric plane holds the key to the dominance of matter, and it might be noted that on the fourth physical Ether man begins to coordinate his Astral, or emotional body, and to escape at ever more frequent intervals into that vehicle.  Continuity of consciousness is achieved when a man has mastered the four Ethers. On the fourth subplane of the Mental plane, man begins to control his Causal or Egoic body, and to polarize his consciousness therein until the polarization is complete.  He functions then consciously on it when he has mastered the correspondences to the Ethers on the Mental plane.

On the Buddhic plane (the fourth cosmic Ether) the Heavenly Men (or the grouped consciousness of the human and Deva Monads) begin to function, and to escape eventually from the cosmic Etheric planes.  When these three cosmic Ethers are mastered, the functioning is perfected, polarization is centered in the Monadic vehicles, and the seven Heavenly Men have achieved Their goal.

  1. On the cosmic Etheric levels, the Logoi of our system repeat the process.

  1. The dense physical body (dense, liquid, gaseous) is not recognized as a principle, therefore, the solar system has its location upon the 4th cosmic Ether, considering all below that level as maya.

The Protective Purpose of the Etheric Body

  1. The Etheric web acts as a separator between the Astral and the dense physical body.

  1. It circulates the inflowing pranic fluid in 3 stages:  a) Solar radiations are received and circulated three times around the triangle, thence distributed to the periphery.  b) Pranic fluids begin to blend with the fire at the Base of the Spine and drive its heat upwards, from the centers below the Solar Plexus to the three higher centers; heart, throat and the head.

  1. Active radiatory matter (prana) is blended ever more perfectly with the fire latent in matter, producing certain effects:  a) a quickening of physical body vibrations to respond to the note of the Ego and a rising of the fires through the three-fold channel in the spinal column.  b) This fire reaches a center between the shoulder bladders which is the point of complete merging of the fire from the Base of the Spine and the fire along the pranic triangle.  The result of this merging causes the centers to become ‘wheels turning upon themselves. ’



The study of Pralaya, which is the withdrawal of the life from out of the Etheric vehicle, is the same for a human, planetary or solar Etheric double.  Withdrawal is brought about by the following causes:

  1. Cessation of Desire


  1. Gradual cessation of cyclic rhythm due to adequate vibration.  

  1. By severing the physical from the Etheric on the inner planes, thus shattering the web causing a three-fold effect:

  1. The informing life withdraws within the permanent atom upon the plane of abstraction.  For man, this is the Causal vehicle.  

  1. The Etheric body, being shattered, becomes non-polarized as regards its indweller, and therefore permits escape.  It is no longer a source of attraction nor a focal magnetic point.  The Ego ceases to be attracted by its form on the Physical plane, inbreathes and withdraws its life from the sheath, and the physical is dropped.

  1. The atoms of the Etheric body scatter into their primordial condition.  The form breaks up as the magnetism holding it together is no longer present.  Matter persists but the form no longer.

 “The heartbeats of the Logos are the source of all cyclic evolution and hence the importance of the heart or love aspect.  Underlying all the physical sense attached to rhythm, vibration, cycles and heart-beat, lie their subjective analogies-love, feeling, emotion, desire, harmony, synthesis and ordered sequence.  Behind all of these lie the source of all.”


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