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The Manifesting Units of Consciousness:  All have their place within the plan:

  1. The Son:  Manifests through the sun and the seven sacred planets, each of whom embodies one of His seven principles, just as He in his totality embodies one of the principles of a greater cosmic Entity.

  1. A Heavenly Man:  Manifests through a planet and embodies one of the principles of the Son, the Logos, and is likewise developing through seven principles, which are the source of His essential unity with all other Heavenly Men.

  1. A Human Being:  Manifests on the Physical plane through form and also has seven principles which he works upon developing during each life cycle.  He also has his primary coloring, dependent upon the fundamental principle embodied by the Heavenly Man who is his originating source.

Why is the solar system evolving along the lines of duality?

This involves one of the most difficult problems in metaphysics and covers the whole mystery of why there is objectivity at all.  The failure to comprehend is linked to the limitations of the physical brain and the lack of development of the mechanism whereby Spirit may be known and eventually contacted.

The problem of duality is the problem of existence itself and requires an understanding that:

  1. The entire solar system embodies the consciousness of an Entity who originates on planes entirely outside of the solar ring-pass-not.

  1. That manifestation is periodical and that the Law of Rebirth is the method that evolution takes in dealing with a man, a planetary or Solar Logos.

Man must realize that he stands midway between evolutionary stages:  He is not wholly an expression of the 3rd Logos, but it is part of him.  He does not recognize himself wholly as the Spirit of the 1st Logos.  Man is a product of the two, assuming objectivity in order to express that which is in each of the two opposites, plus the result of their merging within himself.

The Nature of Duality

The evolution of the Son, or the cosmic incarnation of the Christ, is of immense importance in the plans of the Being greater than the Solar Logos.  Just as the planet called Earth is regarded as the turning point, or battleground, between Spirit and matter, so our solar system holds an analogous place in the cosmic scheme.  The cosmic man is wrestling for his individualized, perfected self-consciousness and for freedom and liberation from form and from the not-self.  

Duality produces: a) Objectivity   b) Evolution   c) Development of Quality   d) Time and Space

What is Consciousness and what is its place in the scheme?

Consciousness can be defined as the faculty of apprehension, and concerns the relation of the Self to the not-self, of the Knower to the known and the Thinker that that which is thought about.  All of these involve duality; the thing and that which lies behind it.  Consciousness expresses the middle point in manifestation, produced by a union of two poles, and is the process of interplay and of adaptation that necessarily ensues.  







The Unknown

7 constellations

cosmic Logos

5 cosmic planes.

A cosmic Logos

7 solar systems

Solar Logos

4 cosmic planes.

A Solar Logos

7 planetary schemes

Heavenly Man

3 cosmic planes.

Period of 3 solar systems.

A Heavenly Man

7 planetary chains

Chohans and groups

2 cosmic planes.

Period of 1 solar system.

A Man

7 Etheric centers

a Principle

1 cosmic plane.

Period of 1 planetary scheme.



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