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These general rules relating to atomic bodies can be extended to include all spheroidal bodies within the system, and including the system itself, which is regarded as a cosmic atom.  Initiates must learn to manipulate matter and work with energy or force in matter under this law; they have to utilize matter and energy in order to achieve the liberation of Spirit.

The goal of this section is to establish a general clarity of conception as to the broad outline of the process of consciousness development in regards to:


What is the relationship of the Son to the Sun?

Man is the approximation of the two poles of Spirit (Father-Ray 1) and matter (Mother-Ray 3).  The result of this union is an individualized unit  of the divine Self, the Son; an exact replica in miniature scale of the All-Self who is in Himself the totality of all units, including the Sons of God.

The Son is the radiant result of the union of Spirit and matter, and may be considered macrocosmically to be the totality of the solar system.  The Son manifests through light and heat, as does the solar Sun.  The Son is the product of the electrical union of Fire by Friction and Electric Fire, is Himself Solar Fire, hence that which is seen and felt.  The Son is the middle manifestation, produced by that which is above and below.  

When the Son has attained full expression, through the sun (perfect light and heat), then He will shine forth upon another plane, the Cosmic Mental.  When a man’s light shines forth and his magnetic radiation has reached the stage of vivid interaction and group activity, he will also shine forth upon another plane.  

What is Evolution and how does it proceed?

The whole method of evolution is simply that of adjusting the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the Spirit has an adequate body for expression.  During the life cycle of a man, he expresses what is in him at his particular stage and gradually arrives at the period wherein the Self overshadows the matter aspect until the Higher Self takes full possession of the prepared form.  

Extend this idea to one of the Heavenly Men, in which man forms but a cell, and the goal is the same; the attainment of full expression and the development of their vehicles of consciousness to a point where the Spirit may blaze forth as divine light and heat.  Carry this thought further to include the Son, the solar system; His attempt to find full expression may be felt beyond His immediate ring-pass-not.  

The Objective of the Units of Consciousness:

  1. Radiate occult heat beyond their own individual ring-pass-not.

  1. Occultly blaze forth and demonstrate light or fiery objectivity

  1. Expand so as to include that which lies beyond their own immediate sphere.

  1. Fuse and blend the two fires to produce the central fire, Solar Fire.

  1. Blend Spirit and matter so that a body is produced that will adequately express Spirit.

  1. Merge the essence within the form, which is qualified during evolution, with the essential forms.

  1. Attain human, systemic and cosmic adulthood.

  1. Man must achieve mastery on three planes of the solar system.

  1. Heavenly Men must achieve mastery on five planes of the solar system.

  1. The Logos, the Son, the Cosmic Christ must achieve mastery on three cosmic planes.


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