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1.  Cosmic Manas

Individualization is literally the coming together, out of the darkness of abstraction.

a) The Process of Individualization:  At individualization, the two poles (Spirit and matter) are approximated, light streams forth irradiating the cave of matter and lighting the pathway back to source.  This irradiation brings about self-realization, purpose, separation from all other spheres, consciousness, ability to evolve and the capacity to shine ever more unto the perfect day.

b) There are 3 Methods of Individualization:

  1. The methods of the moon-chain when, through innate force and energy, the conjunction of the three fires was brought about.  The spark of mind, working through instinct, drove the material form into activity where its opposite pole could be contacted.  Animal-man aspired, Spirit answered, thus was consciousness awakened.  

  1. The other method involves the use of the Rod of Initiation, which has certain effects:

a) Stimulation of the latent fires  

b) Synthesis of the fires that brings them within the radius of each other.

c) Increase of the vibratory activity of some center  

d) Expansion of all the bodies but primarily the Causal body.

  1. The method of occult abstraction will be the method used in the next solar system.

2.  Planetary Manas

A planetary logos individualized in a previous system, a man individualized in this, the planetary entities, now involutionary, will individuate in the next.  From the wider point of view, initiation and individualization are synonymous, both expressing the idea of an expansion of consciousness, or of entrance into a new kingdom of nature.  

3.  Human Manas

Manas is the active will of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser lives who go to the content of the ring-pass-not, or sphere of influence of the indwelling Existence.  Therefore, man on this chain is expressing the purpose and will of the planetary Logos in whose body he is a cell, or lesser life.  The human and Deva units on the upward arc, who are the cells in the planetary body, form the centers not the remainder of the cellular vital substance of his vehicle.

Presently the solar system is of the fourth order, earth is the fourth scheme in the system, upon the fourth chain in the scheme, the fourth globe in the chain and upon the fourth round.  The planets Venus and Jupiter are exceedingly closely connected with the Earth and form an esoteric triangle.  Saturn is the synthesizing scheme for the four planets.  Mercury is the star of the intuition or transmuted manas.  Venus-Jupiter-Earth is the feminine pole, Vulcan-Mars-Mercury the masculine regarding the Star of David.  Uranus-Neptune-Saturn form the Trinity with the sun making the ten.


Manas arrived upon the Earth scheme via the Venus chain because logoic kundalini had vitalized on of the systemic triangles of force.  This produced the individualization of those, particularly in the human Hierarchy, who form a center in the body of the planetary Logos.

The Earth Chain and the Incarnating Monads:  Only one group in the fourth Hierarchy was affected by the coming in of manas in the third root-race, therefore, there are two groups in incarnation on the planet at this time; one group which received the manasic stimulation during this world period and another which received it during the previous chain, who are those who now tread the Probationary Path.  Owing to the difference between the two groups may be traced much of the world unrest.  


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