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  1. All matter is living matter, or the vital substance of Deva entities.

  1. All forms, vibrating to any keynote, are fabricated by the building Devas out of the matter of their own bodies, hence they are the great Mother.

  1. The Devas are the life which produces form-cohesion.  A magician who transmutes metals in the mineral kingdom works with Deva essence in its earliest form on the upward arc of evolution and has to remember:  

  1. The effect of the backward pull of the involutionary lives.  
  2. The sevenfold nature of the Devas which constitute its being.  
  3. The next transition stage of the mineral into the vegetable kingdom, or the effect of the second kingdom on the first.

  1. All Deva essences and builders on the Physical plane are dangerous to man, for they work on the Etheric levels and are the transmitters of prana, hence they set loose upon the ignorant and unwary the fiery essence which burns and destroys.

  1. The Devas do not work as individualized conscious units as does man.  They work in groups subject to:

a) Inherent impulse (latent active intelligence)  

b) Orders issued by the greater builders  

c) Ritual, or compulsion induced through color and sound.

The true alchemist, therefore, will seek only to stimulate the radioactivity of the element (or atom) and will center his attention upon the positive nucleus.  By increasing its vibration, its activity or positivity, he will bring about the desired end.  The process carried on by the Dark Brotherhood seeks the reverse of this and wherever the attention is centered upon the form and not on the Spirit, the tendency is to Deva worship, for the form is made of Deva substance upon all planes.  The central factor of Solar Fire in the work of transmutation will come to be understood through the study of the fire Devas and elementals.  

The alchemists have largely been unsuccessful owing to three things:

  1. Inability to contact the central electric spark
  2. Inability to create the necessary channel along which the escaping life may travel into its new form.
  3. Inability to control the fire elementals who are the external fire, which affects the central spark through the medium of its environment.

This is the consequence of undue success in Atlantean days, when the alchemists of the time, through color and sound, so entirely controlled the elementals that they utilized them for their own selfish ends and outside their legitimate province.  This knowledge of formulas and sounds can be comparatively easily acquired when man has developed his inner Spiritual ear, because: a) every kingdom has its note and mantric sounds and b) That the note of the mineral kingdom is the basic note of substance itself, and it is largely the sounding of the note combinations, based on this key, which produces the great world cataclysms seen as volcanic action.

Every gradation of that note is found in the mineral kingdom which is divided into three main kingdoms:

  1. The baser metals such as lead and iron.
  2. The standard metals such as gold and silver, the mineral manifestation of the second aspect.
  3. The crystals and precious stones are the first aspect as it works out in the mineral kingdom; the consummation of the work of the mineral Devas.  

When scientists fully appreciate what it is which causes the difference between a sapphire and a ruby, they will have found out what constitutes one of the stages of the transmutative process.  This, however, they cannot do until the fourth Ether is controlled.  Man should, in seeking the secret of atomic energy, concentrate his attention on the higher form of life transference through knowledge of the Devas, through external pressure and vibration, through internal stimulation, through color applied in stimulation and vitalization and through mantric sounds.


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