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Synthesis:  We have seen that during the coming races and subraces certain very definite development may be looked for in connection with manasic unfoldment; and it is worth while to note particularly that as far as the evolution of manas in this round is concerned its highest efflorescence may be looked for during the next five hundred years.  The coming in of the two final root races marks the point of synthesis, and the gradual utilization of that which has been manasically achieved; this will be brought about by a development of abstract thought, and of intuitive recognition.


I. On the Physical Plane: 

  1. The selective power of the atoms of the body.
  2. The adaptability of the physical form to its environment and to its circumstances.
  3. The ordered purpose of the informing Life, as it affects the physical form and atoms.
  4. The transmutative power, inherent in man though as yet unrecognized by him, which has brought him to his present stage of physical existence from that of animal man. It concerns also the transference of the life on to manasic levels.

II. On the Astral Plane:

  1. The discriminative power of man to choose between the pairs of opposites.
  2. His adaptability to emotional conditions, and his power to attain eventual equilibrium.
  3. The power of man, through conscious purpose, to clear his Astral body of foreign matter, and to ensure its translucence.
  4. The transmutative inherent power which transmutes, or transfers the life into Buddhic forms eventually.

III. On the Mental Plane:

  1. In the selective power of man to choose the form through which to manifest.
  2. His adaptability to mental currents and vibration, and his utilization of them to control the lower forms.
  3. The working out of purpose through the medium of the two lower vehicles. Impulse emanates from the Mental plane.
  4. The transmutative power which transforms the entire lower threefold man into a new form, the Causal body. This process of transmutation is carried on through the entire series of incarnations.

IV. On the Abstract Levels of the Mental Plane:

  1. The ability of the Ego to discriminate as to time and space in the three worlds.
  2. Egoic adaptation of matter and circumstance of time and environment to the specific need under the Law of Karma.
  3. The 'Intelligent Purpose', which lies back of all physical objectivity, and which is seen working out in every life.
  4. The transmutation or transference into the Triad of the life of the Ego as it functions in the Causal body. This results in dissociation from manifestation in the three worlds. To effect this transmutation (which is a point at times overlooked) the Thinker in the Causal vehicle has to do three things:
  5. Build and equip the Causal body.
  6. Bring about conscious connection or control of the threefold lower nature through the agency of the permanent atoms.
  7. Bridge the interlude between the Causal body on its own level, and the manasic permanent atom.

V. On Buddhic Levels:

Discriminative power here demonstrates as ability to distinguish between the abstract and the concrete, and to arrive at conclusions apart from the ordinary apparatus - the mental body and the physical brain.

Adaptability to Hierarchical enterprise shown by the Initiate or Master, and His receptivity to life impulses and Spiritual currents emanating from the planetary Logos of His Ray - a thing at this stage impossible of conscious realization.  


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