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In the ordered purpose which guides the choice by a Master of one of the seven Paths of endeavor. Thus choice is based on KNOWLEDGE, and not on desire.  In the conscious transmutation He undertakes in the work of evolution, and in the gradual transference of His own life, and the life of His group, into the Monadic aspect which is reflected in the Buddhic.

VI. On Atmic Levels:

  1. In the selective work of the adept as it relates to planetary manifestation, and the discriminative power which guides all action relating to His own planet, and the two others associated with the Earth, as a systemic triangle.

  1. The adaptation of groups (deva and human) to certain types of influence, and vibration, which emanate extra-systemically, and which from high cosmic levels play upon groups, fostering certain attributes for which we have, as yet, no terminology.

  1. The synthesizing work of the Brahma aspect as it works out in the blending of the four minor Rays into the third major.

  1. The transmutation which results in planetary obscuration in connection with five of the Heavenly Men and which - as in the previous work of synthesis - concerns microcosmic evolution and is participated in by man. I would call attention to an interesting point: as more and more of the Monads are resolved back into their source it produces a gradual obscuration of the particular Heavenly Man in Whose body they are the cells. Though this may look to human vision as extending over a profoundly long period, from the point of view of universal or group consciousness it is occurring NOW. For instance, such an event as the obscuration of the manifestation of the Logos of our Earth scheme is already in process and began in Lemurian days.

VII. As regards Monadic discrimination, adaptability, purpose and transmutative power it is needless to


All these ideas and concepts are of value only in so far as they produce within the Thinker a more intelligent appreciation of the grandeur of the divine plan, an appropriation of the energy and force which is his by right of participation in the processes of manifestation, and a wise cooperation in the furtherance of the evolutionary plan as it affects him individually and his groups.


The Nature of the Egoic, or Causal Body

This subject will primarily interest three types of students; those who are interested in the true psychology, or in the evolution of the psyche, those who are on or nearing the path and hence are coming into more contact with their Ego and those who work with the Souls of men, the servers of the race.  The reason for this is because, in the due comprehension of this subject, that of the Ego functioning in the Causal body, comes the ability to work scientifically with the problem of one’s own evolution, and to do good work in aiding the evolution of one’s brother.

Egoic manifestation is produced through the medium of two fires

In all manifestation there is duality producing triplicity.  Spirit meets and contacts matter resulting in the birth of the Son, or the Ego, the consciousness aspect.  The Egoic manifestation is the middle aspect, the place of at-one-ment and of eventual equilibrium.  

We are concerned with the process of making man the perfect six-pointed star; the threefold personality and the threefold Triad merged and perfectly produced through the intermediate point, the Causal body.  When the physical body is eliminated, man becomes the five-pointed star, or perfected manasaputra.

In terms of fire, the Causal body is produced by the positive life of Spirit (Electric Fire) meeting the negative fire of matter (Fire by Friction) causing a blazing forth of Solar Fire which serves to burn up the third fire, or absorb it into its essence, and is itself eventually blended with the fire of Spirit and passes out of objective display.


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