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The Spirillae and the Egoic Ray

The spirillae within the permanent atom are to be considered as: a) The interior economy of the life germ on the three planes which concern man.  b) As the seventh principle in each of the three sheaths   c) As the positive nucleus of force which holds the matter of the three sheaths together.

a) The composition of the permanent atom:  The permanent atom of the physical and Astral planes is a sphere of atomic matter and is characterized by the following qualities:

i) Responsiveness: Its inherent power to respond to the vibration of one of the Heavenly Men as it is transmitted via the Deva, or Brahma aspect, of His threefold nature.  The permanent atom finds its place within the sphere of influence of one or other of the Raja-Lords of a plane.

ii) Form Building Power:  These Devas sound forth two syllables of the threefold microcosmic word and are each the coherent agency which gathers substance into form, and attracts matter for the purpose of objectivity.  The Astral sound produces the microcosmic Son of Necessity and when it reverberates on the Physical plane, it produces physical incarnation and the sudden appearance on Etheric levels of the seven centers.

iii) Relative Permanency: In the seventh principle of all manifesting entities is stored up and developed capacity, acquired ability and the atomic memory; the physical and Astral heredity of the Thinker.

iv) Heat:  Herein lies the distinction between the permanent atoms on all planes, and the atomic matter of which they form a part.  The distinction between the permanent atom and atomic matter, may be tabulated as follows:

The permanent atom is one that has been appropriated by one of the lives that form the centers in the body of a solar Lord, whilst atomic matter goes to the formation of other parts of His great body of light.

  1. A permanent atom has come under the attractive power of the second aspect, whilst atomic matter is vitalized only by the life of the third aspect.

  1. A permanent atom follows the line of least resistance to force, and is passing out of the control of the Deva Lord and under the control of positive life, and is the evolution of conscious in substance.

  1. A permanent atom comes under the direct control of the lower of the three groups of Lipika Lords, and is the agency through which They impose karma upon the unit.

b)  The Planes and Fiery Energy

Analogies can be observed on each plane of the solar system, with the seven subplanes.

c)  The Three Fires

  1. Electric fire demonstrates as the prime condition of the higher three.
  2. Solar fire, showing forth as the blaze produced by union on the central plane.
  3. Fire by Friction as the most significant factor on the lower three.

A man’s Monad can be studied in its threefold essence on its own plane, his Egoic aspect likewise, and the Brahma aspect of the Ego is found within the permanent atoms.  When man has found out how to contact and utilize positive solar electricity in combination with negative planetary electricity, it will result in a very dangerous condition and will eventually manifest in the destruction of the fifth root-race by fire.  It must be remembered that this cleavage will be a part of the natural process, and not a drastic ruling imposed upon an unwilling people.  The Knowers and the students of the Knowledge, actuated by group consciousness and working consciously, will separate into group formation from those who know not and from those who care not.  This will be temporary with a fundamental view of an eventual merging, and will mark the line of demarcation between the lower four and the upper three, and concerns those under the influence of the Solar Lords and those by the Lunar Lords.


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