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The 12-petalled Egoic Lotus

Solar Fire is dual; the fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended.  This makes man the six-pointed Star of Light, for each of these fires is triple.  The fire of Mind is also dual in essence, bringing in another triplicity and making the nine.  When a man has awakened the nine fires, and has unfolded nine petals, and when he has received the stimulus which is imparted at initiation, through being brought into conscious contact with the electric spark of his own particular Heavenly Man, they all blend and merge.  Each Heavenly Man is also a nine-petalled Lotus in the body of the Solar Logos.

Visualize the nine-petalled Egoic Lotus, the Heart center in the Monadic consciousness, unfolding each of its petals in groups of three upon the three subplanes of the higher mental.  Their unfoldment is worked out through the evolutionary process, undergone on the three planes in the three worlds, or within the Halls of Ignorance, of Learning and of Wisdom.

a)  KNOWLEDGE PETALS:  First Group of Petals  (Physical Plane)

  1. The Petal of Knowledge for the Physical plane:  Through the breaking of the Law and the ensuing suffering, the price of ignorance is paid and knowledge is achieved.  This unfoldment is brought about through Physical plane experience.

  1. The Petal of Love for the Physical plane:  Unfolds through physical relationships and the gradual growth from love of self, to love of self and others.

  1. The Petal of Sacrifice for the Physical plane:  This unfoldment is brought about through the driving force of circumstances and not of free will.  It is the offering up of the physical body upon the altar of desire; low desire at the beginning but aspiration towards the end, although still desire.  

b)  LOVE PETALS:  Second Group of Petals  (Astral Plane)

  1. The Petal of Knowledge for the Astral plane:  Unfoldment is brought about by the conscious balancing of the pairs of opposites, and the utilization of the Law of Attraction.  The man passes out of the Hall of Ignorance where, from the point of view of the Ego, he works blindly; by a realization of his essential duality he begins to comprehend causes.

  1. The Petal of Love for the Astral plane:  Unfoldment is brought about through the process of gradually transmuting the love of the subjective nature, or of the Self within.  This has a dual effect and works through onto the Physical plane in many lives of turmoil, of endeavor and failure, as a man strives to turn his attention toward the love of the Real.

  1. The Petal of Sacrifice for the Astral plane:  Unfoldment is brought about by the attitude of man as he consciously endeavors to give up his own desires for the sake of his group.  His motive is still somewhat a blind one, and still colored by the desire for a return of that which he give and for love from those he seeks to serve, but it is of a much higher order than the blind sacrifice, which is the case in the earlier unfoldment.  As a result, a dual result is observed:

  1. The Astral permanent atom comes into full activity and radiance as regards five of its spirillae, and the two atoms of the physical and Astral planes are equally vibrant.

  1. The three petals of the central ring of the Egoic lotus come also into full unfoldment, and the Heart center of the Monad is seen as a wheel of fire with six spokes in full energetic display and rotating rapidly.

c)  SACRIFICE PETALS:  Third Group of Petals  (Mental Plane)

  1. The Petal of Knowledge for the Mental plane:  Its unfoldment marks the period wherein the man consciously utilizes all that he has gained or is gaining under the law for the benefit of humanity.  

  1. The Petal of Love for the Mental plane:  Is unfolded through the conscious steady application of the powers of the Soul to the service of humanity with no thought of return, nor any desire for reward for the immense sacrifice involved.

  1. The Petal of Sacrifice for the Mental plane:  Demonstrates as the predominant bias of the Soul as seen in a series of many lives spent by the Initiate prior to his final emancipation; he becomes the Great Sacrifice.  This stage is dual in effect:

  1. The mental unit becomes a radiant point of light; its four spirillae transmit force with intense rapidity.  

  1. The three higher petals unfold and the nine-petalled lotus is seen perfected.


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