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We may take the seven laws of the solar system plane by plane:

  1. Their effect as they demonstrate on the path of involution.
  2. Their effect as they manifest on the path of evolution, the return.
  3. As they affect the human and Deva organisms that evolve through them.

1.  The Law of Vibration  

This is the law of the first plane and it governs all the atomic subplanes of each plane.  It marks the beginning of the work of the Logos.  It controls, among other things, the breaking up of the One into the seven and the reabsorption back into the One.  It is analogous to the first movement the Logos made to express Himself, He uttered a Sound, a threefold Sound, one sound for each of His three systems, and started a ripple on the ocean of space.  The Sound grows in volume as time progresses and when it has reached its full volume, it forms one of the notes in the major cosmic chord.  Each note has six subtones, which with the first, make the seven.  

The Law of Vibration, therefore, comprises eighteen lesser vibrations and three major, making the twenty-one of our three systems.  Two multiplied by nine makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system.  Twenty-seven holds hid the mystery of the third.

On the path of involution, the seven great Breaths or Sounds drove to the atomic subplane of each plane, and there the basic vibration repeated in its own little world the method of logoic vibration, giving rise to six subsidiary breaths.  The same correspondences found in the Rays, that the lines of vibration are 1-2-4-6; for involution is negative, receptive and corresponds to the feminine pole, just as the abstract Rays were 2-4-6.

On the path of evolution, this law controls the positive aspect of the process.  All is rhythm and movement and when all that evolves on each plane attains the vibration of the atomic subplane, then the goal is reached.

The aim of evolution for us is Love dominated by Intelligence, or Intelligence dominated by Love, for the interaction will be complete.  The human race came into the chain at a point where it naturally took bodies of the fifth Astral and physical subplanes, and this is an analogy to the coming into the fourth root-race of the more advanced Egos.

2.  The Law of Cohesion 

A branch of the cosmic Law of Attraction, it demonstrates in this Love-System in a threefold manner:

  1. On the plane of the Monad as the Law of Cohesion, the Law of Birth, resulting in the appearance of the Monads in their seven groups.  Love as the source and the Monad of Love as the result.

  1. On the Plane of Buddhi:  As the Law of Magnetic Control, it shows itself as the Love-Wisdom aspect, irradiating the Ego and eventually gathering to itself the essence of all experience garnered via the Ego through the personality lives, and controlled throughout from the plane of Buddhi.  Magnetism, and the capacity to show love, are occultly synonymous.  

  1. On the Astral Plane:  As love demonstrating through the personality.  All branches of the Law of Attraction show as force that ingathers, that tends to coherence, resulting in adhesion and leading to absorption.  

On the path of involution it controls the primal gathering together of molecular matter, beneath the atomic subplane.  It is the basis of the attractive quality that sets in motion the molecules and draws them into the needed aggregations.  As the atomic subplane sets the rate of vibration, the Law of Cohesion fixes its coloring.

In manifestation, the cosmic Law of Attraction controls all these subsidiary laws, just as the Law of Synthesis governs pralaya and obscuration, and the Law of Economy deals with the general working out of the logoic scheme along the line of least resistance.  This second law governs specially the second plane and the second subplane on each plane.


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