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Man is literally ‘the Path’ itself, built:

  1. By means of the manasic principle consciously applied.

  1. By the process of transcending the karmic limitations of the three lower planes, the Personality.

  1. Through the expansion of his consciousness through graded steps until it includes the planes he  


The manasic principles, whether cosmic, system or human) manifests in five ways, is transmuted into wisdom after its fivefold manifestation and is eventually resolved into pure will or power.  Students need to remember the distinction between transmutation and the final resolution; between the process of transforming the five elements and the final resolution of the transmuted essences into their synthesis.


1.  In the Planets

The 3rd Aspect combined with the second (Brahma and Vishnu) go to the totality of the Divine Manasaputras; they are Will utilizing matter in order to demonstrate Love-Wisdom.  This Brahma aspect is fivefold and with the Vishnu aspect makes the six; or the pentagon having Mahadeva, or Will, in the center of all manifestation.

This fivefold Brahma aspect, or the five Kumaras, are in full manifestation, and with the reflection of the other two aspects, makes the seven of our manifested system.

Mercury and Venus are in process of transmutation and the manasic principle in both schemes having reached a light stage of development, is being transmuted into Love-Wisdom.  When three-fifths of the Deva and human units that compose the planetary Logos are entering upon the Path, then the process of transmutation is entered upon.  The faculty of Mind is then an instrument t for creative use, and not a barrier to the free life of the Spirit.  

During involution, the sequence of merging is seen as three, then seven and then ten.  During evolution, the sequence is ten, then seven and finally three.  Both paths originate and ultimately unite with the One.

2.  In the System

Three broad outstanding generalizations might be summed up as follows:  

a) Position:  The place of the system within its greater whole, , and its relation to the corporate nature of the lesser lives in all manifestation.  This involves the concepts of a cosmic system, a solar system, groups or unified bodies within the scheme, aggregations of cells and their subdivisions by group, and the individualized cells or units, of which each is a conscious entity yet has no existence apart from its groups.  

Each of these divisions is characterized by:  a) An enSouling life   b) Intelligent Activity   c) Power to evolve or progress   d) capacity to cohere

b) Relation:  The study of the different polarities of the different spheres (from a planetary scheme to an atom) within the solar ring-pass-not and of the relation existing between:

  1. A scheme and the totality of schemes
  2. Scheme and scheme
  3. Chain and chain
  4. Globe and globe
  5. Group and group
  6. Subdivision and subdivision
  7. Unit and Unit
  8. Cell and cell

These interactions come under the second aspect, yet self-consciousness itself is the result of the manasic principle and the close cooperation between these two factors; of mind and love-wisdom, or the Laws of Attraction and Synthesis.

c) Limitation:  Presupposes:  a) Capacity beyond that manifested   b) Duality, that which is limited and the limiting substance.   c) Purpose, for limitation persists just as long as it is required to attain certain ends and is succeeded by abstraction.


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