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3.  On the Earth

a) The Five Kumaras:  Are the sum total of manas on the Earth.  The Lord of the World, the first Kumara, is the planetary Logos of our scheme in physical incarnation.  The three Kumaras that are associated with Him are called the Buddhas of Activity, are but the viceregents upon our planet of those three planetary Logoi Who, with our planetary Logos, make the sum total of the logoic Quaternary.  There are also the three esoteric Kumaras, Who represent the three other Logoi and so make focal points for all the logoic forces within our chain.  In each chain, such representatives are found: six focal points embraced by the seventh, Who holds them all within His aura.

Their work is threefold:

  1. They are the centers in the body of the planetary Logos.  Each chain corresponds to one center, and the globes are but the lesser wheels within any particular center.  The life of the Logos in this incarnation is flowing through three centers and beginning to stimulate a fourth, hence four globes are involved and the three Kumaras are intelligently active, three are in abeyance and one is beginning to function.  The globes correspond to the chains.

  1. They act as transmitters of a particular type of force to those units who comprise any particular center.  They are the agents for the Lords of the Rays to the Monads in any particular chain on any particular globe.

  1. They are the agents for:

  1. The Lord of a Ray  

  1. The four Maharajahs  

  1. The planetary Logos  

  1. The great Deva of the Earth planet.  They work with the law, are the cognizers of the intelligent purpose of the planetary Logos, and know His plans and serve as the link between the chain and the scheme.

b)  The Moon Chain:  The relative failure that was the fate of the Moon chain in our scheme has greatly handicapped Their work and made it imperative for Them to employ drastic measures in order to offset that failure.  Herein lies another clue to the world turmoil.  

The Moon chain with the Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative and positive.  The point of merging was reached and the Earth chain absorbed (or synthesized) the moon chain in the same sense as certain planetary schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left.  Earth, therefore,  is essentially dual in its nature, being the sum total of a male and a female chain.

The Moon chain was a chain wherein a systemic failure was to be seen.  It is connected with the lower principles, which are now superseded and the sexual misery of this planet finds its origin in the moon failure.  The progress of evolution on the moon was abruptly disturbed and arrested by the timely interference of the Solar Logos.  As a result, the conditions of agony and of distress found upon Earth are found in no such degree within any other scheme.

The misuse of vibratory power and the perversion, or distortion of force against the line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery.  Certain results, such as the finding of its polar opposite, were unduly hastened on the moon chain and the consequence was an uneven development and retardation of the evolution of a certain number of Deva and human units.  The origin of the feud between the Lords of the Dark Face and the Brotherhood of Light, which found scope for activity in Atlantean days and during the present root race, can be traced back to the moon chain.


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